LA Survival Guide 2.5

Everything you need to know about Los Angeles in one place


Your Journey Begins Now…

If you’re serious about moving to Los Angeles, making connections, finding that perfect apartment, dream job, and learning from other successful Angelenos, this guide is for you. We integrated lessons learned from over a decade of experience of living in Los Angeles and have created a guide that will unleash your full potential. Picture yourself avoiding the mistakes most people make when they move to LA and building a new, meaningful life with a group of growth-minded knowledge-seekers. That’s what the Survival Guide is all about. It’s designed to teach you how to successfully move and live in Los Angeles, while connecting you with others on the same path. In essence, this is the ultimate guide, designed to remove the fear of moving to Los Angeles and turn you into a stronger and more confident person on your new journey.

Here's What You'll Learn


Learn how much you need to save before moving to Los Angeles.


Don’t be a pack rat. We’ll discuss the essentials you’ll need your first few months here.


There are 100+ neighborhoods in Los Angeles. We’ll give you a full breakdown on the best places to live and why.


How and where to find a job within a few weeks of arriving.


We’ll go over how to find the perfect roommate, apartment and what services to use during your search.

Things to Do

Dodge the tourists traps and learn what the locals do for leisure in LA.


IMTLA Private Facebook Group

The LA Survival Guide is an immensely powerful tool on its own, but we wanted to create an extra mechanism for education and accountability. When you purchase the guide, you’ll gain access to an exclusive Facebook discussion group for everyone who is new and moving to Los Angeles.

This community will show you that you’re part of something larger and keep you motivated to continue with your quest to Los Angeles. It will also provide a place for you to ask any lingering questions you may have about LA and an opportunity to meet people.
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  1. 1

    Get Motivated

    Get daily inspiration and support from others who are new to Los Angeles. Read about the successes of others, learn from their failures, and let the power of the group motivate you to keep progressing.

  2. 2

    Make Friends

    Connect with passionate like-minded people Angelenos who are on a similar path. Have conversations, form new relationships, and bond over your new adventure.

  3. 3

    Get Advice

    Discuss your progress, ask questions, and get custom advice from the IMTLA team.

  4. 4

    Help Others

    Share the highs and lows of your experience to assist others who are undertaking the move to Los Angeles. Find purpose in being a useful and supportive member of the IMTLA community.

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